Dan Petrovic, CEO Dejan SEO

Innovation and serendipity

Innovation tends to strike when we face challenges. It could be anywhere and in any situation, but when a great idea forms it tends to a produce one of those…

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Deep learning from big data

Deep learning from big data – Solving the world’s problems through artificial intelligence technology  The world of big data starts when we talk about petabytes, 1 million gigabytes of information (equal…

Lab on a Chip

Lab on a Chip

A chemical explosion has disbursed a toxin across inner city suburbs. Hundreds of people are presenting at hospital even though only a fraction have come into contact with the poison….

Professor Geoff Pryde

Pawsey Medal 2014

Professor Geoff Pryde from the Centre for Quantum Dynamics has been awarded the 2014 Pawsey Medal by The Australian Academy of Science. The awarded recognises outstanding service to Australia science in the field of…

Tasmanian Rosella with apple by Marian Drew

Art and climate change

The role of creative arts in stimulating  responses to climate change. Can art contribute to getting people to respond to the issues of climate change? Art doesn’t only operate on…

Professor Jon Olley from the Australian Rivers Institute

Professor Jon Olley profile

How much information can a single grain of sand give you? According to the Australian Rivers Institute’s Professor Jon Olley quite a bit: from the origins of Australia’s cultural history…