Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

Griffith is home to Australia’s first teaching and research facility designed to rely on photovoltaic arrays and hydrogen-metal hydride storage technologies to keep it off the power grid. The innovative Sir Samuel Griffith Centre opened in July 2013.

As an example of genuine sustainable energy alternatives, the Centre showcases Griffith’s commitment to finding practical solutions to environmental issues. It also provides a model that could be incorporated into isolated buildings in remote, such as schools in rural communities.

The concept for the $40 million Centre derives in part from Griffith research by Professor Evan Gray, leader of the principal node of the National Hydrogen Materials Reference Facility (NHMRF), headquartered at Griffith, is a state-of-the-art reference laboratory that focuses on hydrogen storage materials. With funding from the Australian Research Council, the NHMRF supports research collaborations between a number of prestigious universities in Australia and overseas.
The Centre honours the progressive traditions of the University’s namesake, Sir Samuel Griffith.

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