How the worlds thinnest material will change our lives


There’s been growing interest in a material called graphene that could revolutionize the way a whole range of technologies look and work, from phones to tvs, body armour to testing blood.  But just what is graphene and why is it so revolutionary? Internationally recognised graphene researcher Dr Francesca Iacopi from the Queensland Micro and Nanotechnology Centre explains more in sixty seconds.


“Imagine your electronic portable devices even smaller, lighter, faster, flexible, with zero heat dissipation.
Imagine you can have them printed onto your glasses, onto your home or car windows, implanted into your skin, all communicating with you and each other to make an invisible and intelligent, interconnected network of ‘things’ that can sense and respond efficiently to the environment. Is this a distant imaginary future?
In fact this is already starting to become reality, also thanks to nanostructured materials.
One of these is graphene, the world’s strongest—and lightest—material. At just one atom thick, graphene is an ultra-thin carbon sheet stronger than steel but flexible, transparent, biocompatible and conducting electrical current and heat better than gold.
As scientists discover new ways to synthesize and harness graphene, prepare to be amazed.”

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