After the lockdown: new opportunities and challenges for cities

The COVID-19 health and economic crises affect us not only as individuals but also in terms of the places where we live and work and for most of us, those places are cities.  The cities where we live, work, shop, study and socialise are likely to be very different as we emerge from COVID lockdowns.  How will our cities be different and how will urban life change in the near future?  Will we spend more time working from home; will we expect our homes to be designed differently; will we travel around our cities differently?  What will happen to the empty spaces that no longer house businesses?

Understanding these challenges but also imagining the new opportunities presented is essential if we are to plan for a prosperous and sustainable future. 

Join a stimulating panel discussion that focuses on the Gold Coast but offers lessons for all cities as they emerge from lock-down.

WHERE:  Live web stream
WHEN:   Monday 8 June 2020
TIME:   1 pm - 1:45 pm with Q&A         

The Discussion Panel
Paul Burton (Round Frame)Professor Paul Burton
Cities Research Institute
Griffith University
ben Mr Ben Howe
 maddiMs Madison Ruygrok
Senior Town Planner
Place Design Group

Gold Coast Branch Convenor
Planning Institute Australia
 mattMr Matt Schneider
Director, Gold Coast