EVENT: The Genomic History of Aboriginal Australia

On 6 October a public lecture and discussion panel was given at the Ship Inn in Brisbane with a selection of the authors of the recently published Nature paper, ‘The Genomic History of Aboriginal Australia,’  the first comprehensive genomic study of Aboriginal people in Australia.

The Griffith University’s Australian Research Centre for Human Evolution, in collaboration with international researchers from the University of Copenhagen, has gathered research around the history of Aboriginal Australians which, until now, has been a largely uncharacterized subject. Some key finding of the research that will be discussed on the night include:

  • Aboriginal Australians and Papuans divergence from Eurasians between 51 and 72 thousand years ago, following a single out of Africa dispersal;
  • the Papuan and Aboriginal Australian ancestors in the study diversified sometime between 25,000 and 40,000 years ago;
  • all living Aboriginal Australians, who took part in the study, descended from a single founding population that differentiated between 10,000 and around 32,000 years ago.

This is a historic piece of research not only for the revelations within the paper but for the manner in which the research was conducted with approval and active participation of numerous First Australian communities.

With articles ranging from The New York Times and CNN to the Guardian UK  and ABC the research has received global recognition.

Please join us with Professor David Lambert, Indigenous Elder Colleen Wall, and Dr Michael Westaway, who will speak about the significance of the research and where it may lead anthropogenic studies in the future as well as answer questions about the paper itself.

Find out more about this research here.

WHERE: The Ship Inn Function room
WHEN:   6 October 2016
TIME:     5:30 – 7pm with an opportunity to network following presentations
This event was live streamed on Youtube.