Architecture award for the Icarus Project

Cody Mason, an architecture student at Griffith University, recently took out first prize in an international student architectural illustration competition.

Mason’s image ‘Icarus Project Perspective’, won the major Student Award of Excellence in this year’s Architecture in Perspective (AIP 28) Competition.

Can you tell me about the Icarus Project Perspective?

Icarus Project Perspective is an image from my final first year studio design project, a course convened by Alexandra Brown. The image is a composite of CAD modeling, photography and digital manipulation The image manifested as part of a design for an alternative dwelling project that followed from a conceptual study of human movement, confinement, and hyper and experimental drawing techniques.

Where did the inspiration for the project come from?

As a student striving to become an architect, I feel, along with many other students, that we are underprepared for transitioning professional practice. Considering this, the disconnect between the academy and profession is a meaningful one and I feel it is worth distinguishing between architecture and architectural practice. Studying Architecture should not be confined to the development of accredited architects, but be part of a greater discourse.  From that perspective I am not certain what I would like to see changed.