Dr Matthew Burke Profile

“Transport planning is a dynamics area of research; everyone has an opinion when it comes to transport,” starts Dr Matthew Burke, lead researcher with the Urban Research Program. Dr Burke also has some strong opinions on transport but his are informed by years of research in the area. Enjoy a series of short interview snippets, with topics ranging from Top Gear to Monkey Magic, on what drives Dr Burke’s passion for transport planning and where he sees the future of the transport and its impact on society. 

Dr Matthew Burke is a Senior Research Fellow and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at the Urban Research Program at Griffith University. His research is mainly in how transport systems, land uses and travel behaviour interact. Matthew’s transport research and interests range across freight, metropolitan planning and transport policy, through to ferry, light rail and busway systems planning and design, and walking, cycling and children’s travel programs. His Future Fellowship is looking at the impacts of the new Gold Coast light rail scheme.

This video is part of a four part series:

  1. Why I became a transport planner (the above video)
  2. The changing face of transport planning
  3. Future innovations in transport planning
  4. Every journey shapes us